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Wilhelm Vineyards produces ultra-premium wines from hand-crafted, ultra-premium, low-yield vineyards.  As a winemaker, Karyl does some things a little less traditional. All fermentations are temperature-controlled and processed in small two-ton batches. “Keeping red-fermentation temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees creates the fruit-forward characteristic I enjoy in my wines.”
For those sensitive to Sulphur compounds, Wilhelm Vineyards uses roughly one-tenth of the sulfites customary to winemaking practices. This requires careful handling of the wines during production. A steam machine ensures sanitation by keeping tanks, barrels, pumps and bottling equipment sterilized before and after use.

It has been long believed that vines need to struggle a little to produce grapes that make the most flavorful wines. Traditional farmers plant vines close together, four to five feet, and in narrow rows, six to seven feet. This makes each vine compete with its neighbors for soil resources and ensure fewer clusters will be produced by each individual vine. The Wilhelm vineyard contains 1200 vines per acre, as opposed to the more common (modern) densities of 800 to 900. The tighter densities make farming more challenging, but many believe it’s the way to make the best wine.

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I enjoy making wines across all flavors, styles and and tasting profiles.  My wide selection of award-winning wines will please every palate - Karyl Wilhelm, Winemaker

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