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We currently have seven acres designated for vineyards on our property.  We originally planted many varietals that did not fit the micro climate that exists on our plot of land.  Although it has a nice southerly facing slope, we thought the cold air drainage would be adequate with the falling eastern terrain. After several years of data points, we identified the need to change some of our varietals to cope with the late spring frosts and early fall frosts.

Like all Arizona wineries, Wilhelm Family Vineyards deals with the extremes of mother nature.  Every year presents new challenge in one form or another.  Our experiences and adjustments in new plantings are progressing, focusing on varieties with a track-record in Arizona, especially those that flower late to avoid spring frosts. We have planted well- known varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Grenache, but also some more obscure varieties like Graciano, Tannat, Counoise and Cinsault.  Although Karyl excels in producing proprietary blends, varietal specific production also develops as the vineyard matures. Wilhelm Family Vineyards also supplements their vineyard yield with excellent fruit from Willcox, Arizona and Lodi, California.

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I enjoy making wines across all flavors, styles and and tasting profiles.  My wide selection of award-winning wines will please every palate - Karyl Wilhelm, Winemaker

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